The Regional Ecosystem Monitoring and Remote Sensing project is an exciting collaboration between Malahat Nation, T’Sou-ke Nation, Scia’new Nation, and the Federal Government of Canada to provide ecological monitoring via collection, stewardship and analysis of remote satellite imagery. The project intends to leverage machine learning to track changes over time and generate useful information for long term, high level environmental decision making. We are happy to announce that Make It Work was contracted to provision and manage the IT infrastructure for this project.

We have architected a cutting edge on-premises data stewardship solution based on modern technologies including software RAID, distributed filesystems and secure remote access. The software RAID combined with distributed filesystem allows the three servers to grow in volume to 2 petabytes including appropriate redundancy to protect against eventual hardware failure. The servers allow for the addition of a multi-gpu CUDA array for high performance data analysis and machine learning.

We are very excited to be a part of this incredible project and will continue to post updates as it progresses.